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Run for Eunice Color Fun Run for a Cause

Run for Eunice: Color Fun Run for a Cause

Eunice Montefolka, 15 years old, living at Tambo Adorable San Leonardo Nueva Ecija. She is a loving daughter and a bright student of Tagumpay Nagaño High School.  On January 16, 2019, Eunice suffered an Aneurism attack which caused her brain to be drained in blood. She had undergone a successful operation and is now in recovery…
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brotherhood of destiny brood

Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) needs your support

We need your support in reaching out to more people and empowering people to be better.  We want to have more camps which train individuals like you to be stronger, better and more resilient to the problems of life.  We need financial assistance and support to make it happen. Donate to the BROOD Survivor Camp…
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