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Our Approach


Brotherhood of Destiny or BROOD is a Non-Government Organization established in 2002 with its mission to serve, help and protect oneself, our family and the society.

Our advocacies among others includes the protection of the environment, foster cultural heritage as well as the arts, empower the youth and promote political and social awareness. Indeed, within the 16 years of service, the organization was able to conduct and participate almost a hundred activities, acquired vast number of thoughtful and committed citizens as members, garner recognition and able to create partnership with other organizations locally and internationally.

Our Story

Vision and Mission

A national and international organization whose principles are built on collectivism and serves, helps, and protects its members, their families and the society by means of its advocacies, projects and programs.



  • To develop the full potential of each member of the organization in order for him to be of greater value and service to himself, his family and the community;
  • To protect the environment and preserve its beauty and natural state so that future generations can enjoy its beauty and so as to be saved from the perils of environmental catastrophe;
  • To develop and make clear and concrete stand on political and social issued after considering the welfare of the majority, so that we can develop political and social awareness and contribute to the betterment of society;
  • To develop a strong and active youth sector which will be more sensitive of today’s issues;
  • To promote sports as one of the basic tools to improve physical and social interaction among both members and non-members;
  • To fully utilize the internet and cyber world for the purpose of developing a strong concern for the society and the world;
  • To appreciate and uplift members’ talents, creativity and accomplishment so that these talents and accomplishments can be of greater use to the society;
  • To appreciate and preserve each individual culture and help each other recognize the beauty of every culture, and in addition promote arts because we believe that it is also a basic tool to bring good changes to the society;

Our Motto

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”



Our Approach

Our Story

Next Steps...

We started contributing something to ourselves, each other, the community and the society.  NOW IT IS YOUR TIME TO BE PART OF IT.