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Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) is a cause-roeinted organization established on March 25, 2012.


We are a brotherhood bound to help one another and improve and help the society.


It is our goal to protect one another so that they will become worthy and useful citizens of the world.


Do you want to join an organization who is more like a family then now is the time to join us.

We are a national and international organization whose principles are built on collectivism and serves, helps, and protects its members, their families and the society by means of its advocacies, projects and programs.


A few reasons why you should become a Ryodan

Becoming a Ryodan is not an easy task because you have to pass certain requirements and an initiation process which would introduce you to the 7 virtrues that we uphold.  All of our membership process is well planned out and we do not have hazing in it.  We love each of our members and we believe that achieving the goal of an organization does not involve putting people in harms way.


Brotherhood of Destiny or BROOD is a Non-Government Organization established in 2002 with its mission to serve, help and protect oneself, our family and the society. 


We are a FRATERNITY.  We are a BROTHERHOOD.  We are a FAMILY.  BROOD combines the concept of various organizations in order to form a new type which greatly values one another.


We do not only help others and the society because we would also like to help you.  Each member is encourage to assist each other and help them achieve their full potential as an individual.


Our advocacies among others includes the protection of the environment, foster cultural heritage as well as the arts, empower the youth and promote political and social awareness.


Here are some photos of Brotherhood of Desiny (BROOD) in action.  

Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

For 17 years being with BROOD seems like having a family.  We had not been very active since 2011 but the members are still intact and we continue to help one another.  Truly this is Hunters Association in a Geneiryodan bond.

Shen Brood

BROOD Organizer

It was life changing to be part of this organization.  It gave us cosplayers and anime fans a different perspective on like and in being of service to the society.  I never doubted the organization and will continue to be part of it.

Karasu Brood

Bulacan Chapter

Malaki ang nabago sa buhay ko nang sumali ako dito.  Hindi na ako yung dating mahiyain na si Taiki,  Ngayon dahil sa BROOD exam mas lumakas ang loob ko at nadevelop ang personality ko.  Proud to be BROOD!

Taiki Brood

MEtro Manila Chapter

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Latest News

Check out the latest news from within the organization and from various causes that we are supporting.

Green Party of the Philippines

BROOD Declares Support for Green Party of the Philippines

As part of its environmental agenda, Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) declares its support for Aksyon Kalikasan – Green Party of the Philippines.  David D’Angelo, National Council Member of the organization[…]

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12th BROOD Camp – Off Grid

Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) is inviting members and those who want to join the organization to be part of the BROOD Camp: Off-Grid on May 1-3, 2020 (Friday to Sunday). […]

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Run for Eunice Color Fun Run for a Cause

Run for Eunice: Color Fun Run for a Cause

Eunice Montefolka, 15 years old, living at Tambo Adorable San Leonardo Nueva Ecija. She is a loving daughter and a bright student of Tagumpay Nagaño High School.  On January 16, 2019,[…]

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